Benefits of conducting an Alive & Well Check:

  • Ensure that your claimant is still alive and receiving benefits
  • Confirm current address
  • Answer any questions that the insured may have
  • ​Obtain medical treatment details
  • Update and correct all pertinent information
  • Observe the claimant's activity level
  • Obtain a photograph for your file
  • Have the insured sign any affidavit or necessary documentation

Shamrock Investigative Agency conducts In-person checks to determine a claimant's current living, health, and activity status. We verify the claimant's identity and determine that he or she is receiving their benefits on time and determine that they have no additional needs to ensure a seamless process. The entire process is documented by both a recorded video and audio statement. The finished product is a complete and detailed report and along with a signed statement by the claimant. 

We offer this with any ongoing investigation, at no additional cost to the client.