Shamrock Investigative Agency understands how important it is to our clients that we conduct a complete and detailed recorded statement. This is why we consider our clients partners, as opposed to simply a customer. Following a claim, we understand the importance of working quickly but within the law, with the adjuster. As with most elements of workers’ compensation cases, it is important to understand how the law in one jurisdiction varies from another.  Failing to understand these variations can impact the admissibility of the recorded statement later on in the case. Our investigations take time to review the laws regarding each case and become a valuable tool for our clients.

​We also can ask any additional questions or use a client provided template. 

We are there from the beginning and can help the adjuster develop a strategy to proceed with the investigation. After developing the strategy, we proceed expeditiously with the investigation, which includes video and audio documentation of the statements. Through years of experience with conducting these special investigations, Shamrock Investigative Agency has developed a detailed template with effective questions for the statement. We make sure to obtain all necessary background information about the claimant which includes but not limited to: 

  • Personal background
  • Employment
  • Details surrounding the incident/injury
  • Medical treatment 
  • Medical background/Insurance​
  • Activities/hobbies