• State-of-the-art equipment
  • Specially tailored vehicles for mobile surveillance
  • Superior surveillance technology to produce the highest quality videotape evidence
  • Flexible case scheduling to fit the client's needs
  • ​Covert indoor surveillance techniques
  • All inclusive surveillance packages
  • ​Night vision surveillance 
  • Receive same day video documentation 
  • On-site investigations designed to develop, obtain, and document information concerning an individual's degree of activity, physical health, appearance, and employment status​​

Shamrock Investigative Agency specializes in WORKER'S COMPENSATION INVESTIGATIONS. Through our proven state-of-the-art 15 Point "PRO" Method, we are an exemplary company whose surveillance investigations yield great results case after case.

In addition to our full-day surveillances, we also offer Activity Checks. In-person neighborhood investigation to covertly/overtly provide information regarding individuals' daily activities, physical capabilities and employment as they relate to worker's compensation injuries, auto accidents, death, or disability claims. 

We will conduct a 4 hour surveillance and discreetly canvass the neighborhood to provide you with solid intelligence so that our client can make a sound decision on the next step of the investigation. ​​